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Gauntlet Games!/GauntletGames

3231 S 13th St. Lincoln, NE 68502

Phone 402 420 5060

Lincoln’s Mini Gaming superstore. If you’re into Gaming, especially D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Pokémon TCG, Warmachine, Dogs of War, even a little Magic: The Gathering, then come on down to Gauntlet Games. The store front is Big, a lot of room for their merchandise large tables in back for mini gaming, even spreading out your maps for some D&D action. They have a couple of smaller table for games not requiring so much space. The atmosphere is very friendly, the clerk talked to us for a bit, answered many questions about pathfinder that I was curious about. He guided me to the stores selections, which books to take a look at. Was no pressure, no force to buy the books, just showing me the ones I needed to get. They had some mini gaming going on, so I watched them for a little bit, felt a bit out of place. I’ve always wanted to try Warhammer, but never had the money to get into it, and I’d rather try it before I invest in it. I played Battlefleet Gothic, AND was surprised to find out from one of the store owners, that there is a living Battlefleet Gothic with rules online, and the minis are still out there. The magic selection is minimal, they sell the cards and boosters, but the calendar had maybe one event on there. I liked that they had quite a few pathfinder and RPG games going. 


Café Vibe

1300 W 24th St, Kearney NE 68845

Phone 308 236 0573

Café Vibe, Kearney’s little gaming shop, with good eats and fun treats! Located right across the street from UNL campus! This little place has several computers set up for LAN gaming, at 5 bucks per hour! They have café style tables for table top gaming! Weekly events include magic tourneys, D&D gaming, online wow raids, and co-op games! Along with a decent menu they have gaming supplies for sale, gaming cards, dice, they have a selection of gaming books available for RPG groups to use if necessary. The store has a good location to the campus, decent amount of parking, however their space is a bit small. But it definitely has room for expansion, plus an owner who seems to have a big dream in a small town! Open 12am to 12am many days of the year!


Game On Games

5012 3rd Ave #140, Kearney NE

Phone 308 455 1080

Game on Games in Kearney is Kearney’s gaming hot spot! They have new and used console games for sale, as well as many non electronic gaming supplies. They have a large collection of memorabilia collectables. Including “My Name Is Bruce” Bruce Campbell action figure! Awesome! They have individual cards for sale, boosters for many card games, pre-sale on newly released titles, means for getting old used titles, and a much better buy back policy than GameStop! They have a section in back for table top games. Originally started in McCook Nebraska, and recently expanded to Kearney! Decent shop, with a lot of promise!


More gameshops to come! if you know of a gameshop and are interrested in us visiting, please contact us with address website info. Thanks! MWGC Staff

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